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Squirrel... what squirrel?

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Squirrel... what squirrel?

Post  Amunet Chi on Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:05 pm

“Be careful lass, there are a lot of shady people in our world.” These were the only words the ferry driver had said to Amunet the entire ride and he said them as she was puking her guts up over the side of the boat. “Did you hear me lass? If that is the only thing you remember, remember that.”
Amunet looked up and wiped her mouth on her sleeve, her eyes which had been purple getting on the boat had changed to a murkey green. She pinched the bridge of her nose as she said, “Pog mo thóin.”*
The ferry man raised an eyebrow, “Well goodbye to you too.”
She smiled sweetly at him as she made her way onto solid ground once again. She found herself on a long dirt road… but her sense of direction and a squirrel led her off the path and into the forest where she became lost but soon found her way to the school.

*Kiss my (for lack of a better word) Butt
Amunet Chi
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Retired Character

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