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Refining Powers

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Re: Refining Powers

Post  Leon Barner on Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:07 am

Leon took a moment to consider Owen's "logic". He'd been hoping Owen would do something. Use those little glass shards he seemed to have control of now and attack him. He hadn't intended to fight back. He had fully intended to let Owen get his revenge and be done with it. No retaliation. But it seemed Owen didn't want to be a "monster".

It reminded him of something out of some cheap movie.

But that was fine. If Owen was happy, which Leon doubted he would ever be, with some mock sense of symbolism, then Leon was fine with that. But he'd given the boy his chance, and he wouldn't give him another.

Leon shrugged. "Have it your way then. Just don't ever come crying back at me again." Leon turned and began to cross the ballroom. He'd lied to himself. THIS would be Owen's last chance. It was a fairly long walk to the other end of the ballroom.
Leon Barner

Age : 60
Height : 5'7'' / 170cm
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Re: Refining Powers

Post  Owen Mueller on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:45 pm

Owen said nothing. Despite how the hair on his neck stood on end, how his muscles tensed, how his teeth clenched, he did absolutely nothing. All too quickly, he was reminded of all the reasons why he hated this guy. Not that he ever even needed reminding at all.

As his back was turned, a hand raised towards him. Those shards... were gonna pulverise him. They were gonna tear him up, they were gonna shred him, they were gonna--
...No. He lowered his arm, and at the same time, the shards lowered theirselves to the floor, landing in a useless heap. He just didn't feel it. It wouldn't end well, it never did. He was destined to lose, and no magical mirror was ever going to change that fact.

Wordlessly, he turned around and pushed the ballroom door open, leaving the mess behind - both literally and figuratively.

Notes on Owen's Power:
Any character can understand and be understood by Owen, no matter what language they speak.
Owen Mueller

Age : 22
Height : 165cm
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