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Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

Post  Rendaz "Flammy" on Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:22 pm

Hello, AALCers!
Renny here, with an awful splendid idea here!

Now I realise that it can be a little daunting walking into a new group and being overwhelmed by all the people here and whatnot, and sometimes we can be rambling on about the silliest things in the chatbox - it'd be a bit like walking into a room full of strangers I suppose.  

So that's what this thread's here for! Introduce yourself here, so we can all get to know each other a little.  :'D  
Don't be afraid to meet in the chatbox either - we don't bite, honest!

Things you'd might like to mention: What we can call you, your hobbies & interests, other characters (if any) and... really just anything you want to say about yourself. The sky is your limit! (though I don't suggest sharing any personal info!)

Well, I may as well start this off.  c:

Call me Renny! Or Flam.  Either seems to work fine!
I'm one o' the admins here, though I'm really not as mean or as nasty as I should be.  =P
Hobbies include doodling, daydreaming and dilly-dallying - and RP, of course!  If you ever saw me in real life, chances are, I'll either be scrawling something stupid in a sketchbook, glued to the computer screen or face-planting on my pillow.  I'm an especially skilled procrastinator, cat-snuggler and a lame joke cracker.
Other characters: Lunasola, Tony and Sner!
And uhm... Solasta & Luppa who left, and Owen who...diied.

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Rendaz "Flammy"

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  YuukiHyouketsu on Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:29 pm

cool idea, renn! ;p

Ok, call me Yuuki!

I'm really active in rping, so if you start a thread with me, you can be assured that i will be on top of replies
i'm not always going to pop in and say hi on the side chat, but if you see me logged in, i'm there, and you can give me a holler--i'll see it once i'm done typing haha.

i can be a little serious at times, and don't worry if you get lost in the inside jokes in chat: i'll be right along side you, because i get lost all the time, too.

My characters: Yuuki, Aisling, and the no longer used (sadly) Terri.
Retired Character
Retired Character

Height : 154.94cm

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Jami Futter on Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:37 pm


Be afraid very afraid! nah I'm kidding.

People call me Jami or Cece
My characters are [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
I like to rp lots, draw, and read and talk about loads of things
I can get very chatty and very quite, depends on how I am feeling.

I really like to help others out, and I am usually here 80% of the time when I am not at work, school or other places. Or eatting cause I like food.

(something no one else said) I am a girl

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Jami Futter

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Esha on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:28 am

Hai there!

I'm EverSoDashing- But evryone calls me Esha.

My hobbies include drawing, writing, sleeping and daydreaming (not the particularly constructie kind but I have my moments) When i`m off holiday I will be on the forums most days, you can pester me if you like...or I can catch you anoning or new and otherwise unknown to me and enthusiastically greet you. Whichever works.

And Im up for rp with anyone, just catch me on chat or something..I don't bite. Honest.

Characters- Honey, Esha


Height : 180cm
Weight : 200kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Ambrose on Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:02 pm

I'm Yuriakashu on dA, although most people call me 'Ambrose' here. XD I'm female (feel like I should get that out of the way, since my OCs always end up being male); my characters are Ambrose and the music teacher Denskith and Disaster, but he isn't official yet.

Hobbies . . . I love to write and draw and all things artsy (I play the euphonium, FYI). My summer days are slowly being consumed by OCT entries and binge-reading manga and fiction.

I'm usually not on here for long periods of time, but I check the site frequently for postings, so anyone who has an rp with me can expect a prompt reply. : ) Please don't be shy to call me out of hiding, either!

Age : 150
Height : 172.8 cm / 5 ft, 8 in.
Weight : 76.2 kg / 168 lb

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Leon Barner on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:36 pm

I guess I'll do this too X3

My dA and Chatango names are both Ameanjenn, I use that screen name for absolutely everything. People here usually call me Jenn now but there are still a few who still call me Leon (ahem, Renny). Either is fine with me so take your pick :3 My fudnick is Lemon, so that's available also XD And I am a girl.

My characters are Leon, Deneli and Chayne. Also Rachael, but I took her out of AALC and she's not here anymore.

Lately I've been watching my life be consumed by Skyrim, but otherwise I usually spend my time working on some kind of drawing or my stories :3
Leon Barner

Age : 61
Height : 5'7'' / 170cm
Weight : 132 lbs / 60kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Hryshen on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:54 pm

Fun times woo~ I love telling people about myself *oh dear there's a narcissist in me OTL*

On dA I am known as RyuKiraXKHX or Ryu for short but here, people call me Hershey/Hersh. I don't even like chocolate *sob*. But hey, I'm just overly dramatic sometimes so go ahead and call me Hershey I don't really mind.

I love to draw and rp (surprise surprise) And I love just about everything Japan related (no I am not an annoying weeaboo who goes all "OMG everything is so desu desu!") Back to the subject of drawing, drawing is like my cureall. Headaches, stomachaches, anger, anything it just goes away. I can be weird at times, crazy at times, immature at times, but I really am just trying to have fun though I do my best not to be annoying. And a blah and a blah oh well I think that's enough.

Characters: Hryshen the sea nymph gym teacher, Abenzu the hat gnome (or Rainbow monkey), Xanyu the Draco homoisoptera, and Kufer the Viret.

Retired Character
Retired Character

Weight : Drawing and Reading

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:26 pm

Target acquired.

Name: Nanners. Goes by Lem-mur on deviantART (previously VeranaZwingli)
Hobbies include spontaneously combusting and/or disappearing, drawing, roleplaying, being batman, and saving Hyrule.
Location: Hiding in a train in space.
-Aesis (Seemingly estranged banana-summoning elf)
-Rhys (Species: Jerk)
-Syril (Easily annoyed gryphon with disposable thumbs)
-Pai (Demented narcissistic Math Teacher with too much time on his hands. Abuses powers and authority and wastes time having fun by pranking any and all miserable life forms he can find.)



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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Risiko Bann on Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:21 pm

Hello everybody! 大家好!I am axleoflight, or Risiko on this site.
I enjoy string instruments and upbeat horn music, reading, making things and ballroom dance.
I've no talent for drawing, which I apologize for in advance. I will hope to make this up for in other aspects.
I've only the one character (Risiko) so far, but I prefer to start of slow, and generally don't do more than two characters.
Risiko Bann

Age : 27
Height : 195 cm
Weight : 68 kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Richard Wallace on Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:27 pm

I'm Roqi, also known as... roqi. I have a patchy relationship with using caps. :'D
As most everybody else here, I love drawing and writing. I am the local smart-butt, which means I'm a good person to ask about stuff, but it combined with my weird sense of humor means that sometimes I say the darnedest things. But worry not, it's all out of love and in good nature. <3

Also, I stalk everybody. But that's just out of love as well.

My other OCs are Audi and Esteban.
Richard Wallace

Age : 458
Height : 183 cm
Weight : 87 kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Alicia Harper on Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:26 am

I'm known as Lychee (on the oc chat I'll sometimes use seriouslyCereal, for live events I'll switch to aliciaharper, but please still refer to me as Lychee, on dA my account is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]), for someone who has been in AALC for a long time I sure rp very little so if we ever do rp please be patient with me, I take between a week to months sometimes to reply. I also over-worry about my posts since I'm not used to rping. More often than not you will find me in the oc chat trying to be funny and posting rmt's, a thing I made up called random music time.

I enjoy drawing, reading manga/watching anime, listening to music and playing vidya games, don't be worried/surprised if I start doodling comics from rps that my character experiences, also don't be surprised if I suddenly afk because I'll most likely be on tumblr.

My only character is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
Alicia Harper

Age : 23
Height : 155cm
Weight : 66kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  Zoya Sarid on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:36 pm


My name is Naomi but I go by Nay, Boo or Zoya. I don't mind which you call me <3 I am xxDraconikaxx on deviantArt. I may not talk much on the chat as I am more of the speak when spoken too types of people.

I am a returning member, though I did not do much role-playing last time >///////< I really want to try and get to know everyone and find new friends this time. I am slow at writing replies because I like to re-read, but even then sometimes I can let small mistakes slip in by accident. I may also be slow because I am away 4 days a week at college and have limited access.

I also take a while to draw (thank god for long deadlines for assignments!) but I am getting more into it now that I can get to the computer and my software more often.

I like to RP, draw, listen to music, photography and read manga so if I am suddenly afk, that will be why

My character is Zoya <3

My most active days online are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as I am at home and chilling out then.
Zoya Sarid

Age : 39
Height : 162
Weight : 46

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Re: Introductions

Post  Zin on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:22 am

Hey fellow roleplayers!

I'm Jory. Also known as Philos, also known as Fates, also known as many other aliases. I'll answer to any one of those three, so take your pick.

During the summer, I can be found adventuring and sailing, hoarding chocolate, and spending time with family and friends. For the rest of the year, I'm off battling assignments and work....and still hoarding chocolate. I'm pretty busy, but I'm normally good at replying to emails and roleplays in a timely fashion. Hobbies include watching Doctor Who, drawing, and slaving over a book that's taking me forever to finish writing. (One day, one day...) I've found that roleplaying helps keep me from getting writer's block and gets the old creative juices flowing, so I thought I would pick it up again.

My OC would be Zin, a rather mischievous godfairy with a love for trouble. He's very excited to be joining AALC. He acts as the peanut gallery to most everything I write, but I'll try to restrain him. Or I'll draw a comic and unleash him there, where he can rant and rave and hear his own voice to his heart's content.

Age : 115
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 68 kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post  MerylStar on Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:02 pm

Hello! My name is Nyon!!
My only character so far is Meryl uwu. I like to draw, animate (vEry SLOWLY), read and write (basically the default hobbies huehuehue) I'm not the best at all of those things but I'm surely getting better!!

Anyway I'm super friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me!

Age : 21
Height : 122 cm
Weight : 24 kg

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

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