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OC Breakdown~

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OC Breakdown~

Post  Denskith on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:39 am

Because we're all such evil, sadistic detailed people, I imagine most of us can envision our OC's reaction to his/her/its worst-case scenario. So! What would be the worst-case scenario for your OC, and how would they react/ break down?

Ambrose: that there would be no more coinage in this world. This actually happens in his story at some point . . . He would curl up into a ball and cry.

Denskith: that there was no more music in the world. A few days in a ball, then suicide.

. . . This isn't a really happy topic, is it? > >;;;

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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Jami Futter on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:57 pm

Jami : her worst situation would probably be dealing with the death of a close one. She'd you probably shut down and become quite nasty.


Chimney: Finding out she was made as a weapon. She'd Question life and hunt down her makers!
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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Audi on Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:18 pm

Awesome thread! Wall of text incoming--

Richard: At first I thought that for him it would be having to grow old and die, i.e., losing his immortality. But he'd just be in denial until he physically fell apart, really. :B A more, erm, breakdown-inducing scenario would be getting stranded on a deserted island. All alone, with only himself and his memories for company, surrounded by nothing but nature, with no alcohol and only animals for sustenance. Soon he would be having arguments with trees. For all eternity.

Audi: That's a bit harder, mostly because all the worst things already happened. ^^; Losing her master and her friends, then getting rejected by the rest of the clan. She coped. Now if it happened again, it'd crush her - that is, if she somehow lost the school and all her friends here, either by them dying or by getting thrown out. She'd just forsake her sapient side and go into full-on animal mode, surviving on instinct only, and then she'd get killed by a stray dog or something equally stupid.

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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Owen Mueller on Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:24 pm

Super interesting thread! Definitely food for thought. :'D

Rendaz - This one took a bit o' thinking! The only thing I could think of breaking him would be absolute paradise. That is, a perfect existence where nothing ever went wrong, he never had to do any work or anything and got anything he wanted. He's heavily adjusted to the fact that the world isn't fair. In this paradise, he will still assume that the worst is going to happen constantly, and that any moment that something was about to go terribly wrong. But it would never happen. This (combined with his hatred of those living in the lap of luxury) would eventually drive him to the point of insanity and severe paranoia, trusting absolutely nothing.

Lunie - Simply put, loneliness. For his entire life, Lunie has usually had to rely on others to survive and to learn, and if he were forced by himself... well, he wouldn't last very long. I don't even mean loneliness as in physically isolated, because he might be able to cope with that. But having no friends, no family, and absolutely no one that he could turn to would probably reduce him to a fearful, quivering ball of sadness.

Owen - Honestly, he's been broken a few times too many in this group alone. Despite profusely denying any of his flaws, inside, Owen is well aware of them - he's had the same message hammered into him for a few years now, and it usually doesn't bother him too much. It's when these flaws are revealed like an open wound that really gets to him - those moments when he was too cowardly, too weak or too useless in the face of others that build and grow until it's just a harrowing mass of constant self-depreciation. With a firm belief that he is unable to change, he'll usually retreat to where he doesn't have to suffer in reality. What better invention than the television is there? If only they were in AALC...

Solasta - Basically, Solasta is extremely active. She likes to get her hands in on all the action, get things done, achieve things, fight... everything, really. Doesn't wanna sit still for a moment. So if she was forced into an existence where she was unable to do anything, go anywhere and was in essence powerless, then it'd probably get to her. She hates being idle in any given situation at all. Her reaction? Well, eventually, she'd find no point to living at all.

Tony - I already mentioned it in his character sheets, but I'll say it again here. For an unknown reason, Tony seeks knowledge of all kind, and needs a constant supply of it to satisfy his needs. When deprived of it, he'll slowly become insane. However, an even worse scenario for him, he knows, would be if he already knew everything that there is to know in the world. Whilst he would have completed his lifelong goal, there would be nothing more to life but the endless, inevitable insanity that follows as there is no new knowledge to obtain. Exactly what this insanity entails... I'll leave that as a surprise.

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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Esha on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:22 pm

The downfall of Esha would be A-to lose her determination and will to keep on living through the sheer amount of years she's lived, all the while being unable to permanently die and hating every single minuet of it. She would throw herself of tall buildings, into the nearest car compactor, under trains. Anything to ease to agony of living til she resurrected. Rinse Wash Repeat

B- Alternatively, instead of becoming suicidal Esha would become villainous and inflict her pain on everything around her after one too many failed attempts at dying. On a new purpose she would regain her will to live and spread her personal misery of not wanting to live anymore. Her awakened ruthlessness would see that all that lay in her path was destruction. She could bless people with what she couldn't have- death.


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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Leon Barner on Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:39 pm

Leon: (kind of obvious) Losing his wings. And if that happened it... would not have a happy ending. He probably wouldn't actually kill himself but he'd probably just become a zombie until he did die.. Yeah X'D

Deneli: Deneli's would probably be losing a lot of people that are close to her within a relatively short time period. She's the type that can find a way to bounce back from pretty much anything, but losing a friend hurts her more than anything. I don't even want to think about how she'd react if she lost a friend and didn't have time to cope with it before losing another D:

Chayne: Chayne has been getting into fiction literature lately (mostly horror since it involves creatures that have similar physical traits to himself). For him it would probably something like what happened to Frankenstein. Being rejected and feared by humanity (possibly even being chased to and fro by an angry mob) and especially in the day time. He would probably first curl into a ball and cry and then distance himself from any living being that may be afraid of him.
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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  Kufer on Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:15 am

Hryshen: Her whole life, destiny, all that jazz is based solely on teaching. That's ALL she knows. Take away her freedom to teach and she would slowly waste away and in the end, literally turn to dust.

Abenzu: It's a social little creature so would hate it if everyone in the world turned their back on it and never even responded to it even the slightest. To feel rejected, alone, and unloved would break the gnome in an instant, and even if it only lasted an hour and everyone returned to speaking and interacting with little Abenzu, it would only see it as hurtful words and painful touch even if they are just petting it's head and saying good morning with bright smiles on their faces.

Xanyu: If her 'father' ever found her, hell would become her reality until she could escape him again. Despite any progress she's made from being the quiet, shy, and extremely obedient creature to the slightly less of all those, she would revert and possibly intensify those atributes going to anti-social, unable to think for self, robot like obedience, and would have a harder time getting out of it.

Kufer: Seeing the future and learning that there is no hope for a way for Viret to have permanent solid bodies with no more gravedigging, he'd loose he purpose and become a brooder who'd refuse to do anything and would have to be forced to eat and get new bodies or die.

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Re: OC Breakdown~

Post  YuukiHyouketsu on Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:54 pm

oh, I like this thread! let's see...

Yuuki: she's had a couple of worst-case scenerios, like discovering the other side of Ketsuta and then feeling terrible for what she went through--basically if something involving yuuki goes wrong, she blames it on herself, so if she were to lose her family (Zigg, Terri, and Poison) I really don't think she could go on--her past of worrying whether or not she was insane would probably come back, and she would probably have a mental break down and end up in a straight jacket somewhere, with padded cells. Honestly, this is what would have happened to her if she hadn't met her family in the beginning; alone, she's a tad unstable

Terri: (I know I pulled him out, but still) This is a toughie. Yes, it would be a hard blow for him if he lost his family, but he would cope in the end. For Terri, what he fears isn't really so much being alone as it is being abandoned. I think he worries that now that Zigg has found his thought-to-be-dead younger brother, that Zigg wont see Terri as much of a brother anymore.
If this were to actually come about, I think Terri would feel a tad shunned, and he might actually leave the group because of it. Zigg is basically the only one of the group that doesn't tease him, or face-palm repeatedly when he screws up, so if he felt that he'd lost the attention of Zigg, then all the face-palms and grumping from the rest of the group would be taken less like teasing, and more like a real emotional hit.

Aisling: worst case scenerio for this little ghostie? finding out how she really died. Unfortunately for her, that will come about, and soon at that. Honestly, I think she sort of already knows, subconsciously, what happened to her, and she's in a kind of denial-caused amnesia. When she finally realizes what happened, I think she'll sort off "cease to exist" for a time, aka, she'll hide away in that lowest astral plane (sort of like when people block out the world by pulling back away into their own minds. Since Aisling doesn't have a body, her response is a bit different)

I'm not going to lie, this thread helped me figure out how to solve some plot issues with Ailsing XD Finally figured out how she would pull herself out of that shadow world--she's going to end up coming across someone that needs her help :3
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Re: OC Breakdown~

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