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Room description (Esha and Audi)

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Room description (Esha and Audi)

Post  Esha on Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:15 pm

Esha's part of the room is very cluttered, the bed has been removed and in it's place is a large wing chair and footstool. The chairs are made of red leather and the feet are made of dark wood, but the leather on the seat is slightly cracked and the wood is faded. On the chair is a duvet and pillow, lying haphazardly over one arm like she got up and never folded it.

The floor around the chair has several stacks of books, judging by the dust, they haven't been touched in a while. Half finished hot drinks lay randomly; Like they're waiting to be kicked over.

Her desk top contains a typewriter and a stack of paper alongside it, beside that is an open jewelry box, filled with tangled chains and pieces of jewelry that's way out of fashion by 20 years. None of it looks particularly expensive and It's too tangled in itself to wear.

There are two mismatched decorative chests on top of each other. One is locked, the other is smaller, on top and open- Inside is reels of ribbon whose end's hang out like a rainbow octopus's legs of varying lengths. The walls have a plethora of things on them, a map, a few photos and a pair of pink feathery hand-fans being a few of the objects

The wardrobe has it's doors slightly open and is packed tightly with clothes, and the bottom is piled high with a mess of shoes. The dresser has it's drawers half open and in no organisation everything is just flung in.


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Re: Room description (Esha and Audi)

Post  Audi on Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:49 pm

To say that Audi's half of the room is a mess would be putting it mildly - it's like the two girls are competing for the title of the most unkempt. Scraps of materials, colorful papers, old clothing, and other miscellaneous hoarded junk litter the floor and even the bed, and while an effort had been made to keep them contained in plastic bags, clearly it wasn't a very successful one. An indistinct smell of dust, rot and mold emanates from the piles.

Her dresser is filled with finished items of clothing she had made, and perhaps that is the only part of her half of the room where things are neatly arranged. If she hadn't, they simply would not fit inside.

There is a path of free floor leading up to the desk, which is also mostly clean, aside from schoolwork and a selection of threads and needles. A few started clothing projects lie in a pile next to the chair along with a box containing other sewing supplements.

Another path leads to the ratgirl's den. Being used to sleeping on hard surfaces, Audi chose to ignore the bed in favor of the ground. To make it somewhat more cozy, a book fort had been built, a blanket stretched over the walls serving as the roof to form a cave of sorts. It allows for some late-night reading, and secretly, Audi also hopes that sleeping surrounded by books will help her absorb knowledge through some kind of magical osmosis. By the entrance of the fort stands a sentry - a small, patched up, red stuffed animal of indeterminate species, glaring suspiciously in two directions at once due to its lazy eye.

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