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Gathered Age [Jami + Denskith]

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Re: Gathered Age [Jami + Denskith]

Post  Jami Futter on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:51 am

For the net few minutes Jami sat on the piano bench watching Denskith. She had taken her hands off her head and was just looking around. It was nice he was distracted, but she wanted to be as well. When he finally acknowledged her again she gave him a nervous smile. "It's okay." The girl stood moving so he could sit at the bench.

"What is it? I could sing either." Jami tried looking over his shoulder at the work.

(so embarrassingly short... I didn't know what todo D:)
Jami Futter

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Re: Gathered Age [Jami + Denskith]

Post  Denskith on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:46 pm

She forgave him-- just like that, again? But, it could be like last time, too; 'just like that' didn't hold much say anymore. He calmed down a little regardless, nerves put into a slightly better state than previous. He sat down.

"It's supposed to be some very LOVELY music gifted to me by a good . . . a good friend." Was it right to use such a phrase with Richard? He trusted the man, most definitely, but whether or not he was a 'friend' . . . Yes. Yes, he was just that. "I think the alto part would suit you well; I'll take the soprano." He was feeling risky, daring-- and, she had already heard that range out of him, so why not? His smile returned.

He placed the music onto the piano's perk of a stand, smoothing out any invisible folds the paper might have gained. Oh, this was going to be wonderful--! To hear the piece at long last! "Okay, you can stand right behind me while I begin . . ." He tried a few notes, nerves rising yet again. The piano part-- he couldn't play it! Okay, breathe, breathe, BREATHE. Go a'capella. Could the girl manage it, though? Maybe. 'Maybe' was horribly taxing on the nerves. . . . He took his hands of the keys.

Just start.

He took a deep breath . . . and, began to sing, the beginning prompting a soft yet full pianissimo.
One measure later, it was the alto's turn.

(( 'Tis fine-- I didn't give much to go off on in my post. : P ))

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Re: Gathered Age [Jami + Denskith]

Post  Jami Futter on Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:24 pm

The girl hummed to herself as he answered her. A friend? Looking at the piece she could see his friend was amazing at creating music. accepting the alto part Jami couldn't help but smile at Denskith wanting to show off his high range. She did as he said standing next to him as he began. She got the feel for the key and melody.

Jami wasn't to bad at sight reading, which was a pleasant surprise.

(is there a thread where richard gave it to him? Any ref for me?lol. sorry for another short post, once again i wasn't sure what jami could really do)
Jami Futter

Age : 23
Height : 154.9
Weight : 43.2

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Re: Gathered Age [Jami + Denskith]

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