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Your OC's Alignment

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Your OC's Alignment

Post  Richard Wallace on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:48 pm

Those of you familiar with D&D or games based on it will already know what character alignment is. Those of you who aren't, read on.

Courtesy of TVTropes:

"Character Alignment is a shorthand for a given character's (or religion's, society's, organization's, etc.) moral/ethical outlook on Life, the Universe, and Everything. Many roleplaying games use some sort of alignment system as a Karma Meter, an "ideal" for a character to live up to, or just a descriptive shorthand for characters."

There are two axes; Ethical and Moral.

"The ethical axis was more one's attitude towards the position of society and rules: Lawful characters think having an ordered society is important and beneficial; Chaotic characters don't necessarily oppose this but think the freedom of the individual comes first; Neutral characters tend to judge such situations on a case by case basis. If a law was unjust, a lawful person might think it needs retooling, or say that it prevents more problems than it causes. A neutral person might see the need for such a law, but would still think it should be scrapped and redone from scratch. A chaotic person would probably just break it.

The "moral" axis can be adequately explained by the focus of those morals: Good people generally focus on you (they feel that they should help everyone else when possible). Neutrals are usually focused on us, meaning their family and friends (they can be charitable, but their "circle" always comes first), though they can display elements of me (in that they tend to look out for themselves and are uninterested in the affairs of others). Evil people are generally me focused (often at the expense of other's misfortune). However, like good, evils can also focus on you (but instead of aid and kindness, when those who are evilly aligned focus on others it is with an emphasis on destruction and suffering)."

More reading, along with longer descriptions of all nine possible alignments: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And now, for the test!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Two things to keep in mind as you're filling it:

  • It is about the general principle, rather than specifics. If your OC had an awful family, naturally they wouldn't care for them; for the sake of this test, assume they had a family they actually had bonds with.

  • And secondly, assume that they were making an informed choice. If you answer as if the character was too naive/unknowledgeable to understand the consequences of their decisions, the results will be skewed.

And post your results... along with what you'd predicted they would be. xP Remember, though, that the test is not definite judgment, and if you feel the result wasn't right, it probably wasn't. It doesn't take into account everything that you know about your character.

I always think in terms of alignment when creating OCs, so I ended up guessing my results right... since they were what I was aiming for. Giving me a nice line right across the chart.

Audi is Lawful Good
Richard is True Neutral
and Esteban is Chaotic Evil

Your turn~

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Crowley on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:35 pm

Esha is- True Neural

I expected her to be more on the lawful side when beginning the test, but I have no idea why- considering she isn't that lawful.

Crowley is- Chaotic Evil

Yep, knew this would happen. He's out for himself and is his own and only priority is Crowley 90% of the time; Of course the test would think such selfishness as evil.


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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Ambrose on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:25 pm

Ambrose is chaotic evil, mainly because of the coinage and his disregard for authority and the fact that he's Entropy and SHUSH. > >; He'd be loyal to his family/ friends (Metis) but rebellious against the country/government (I used Them, but the same concept applies to all).

Denskith is lawful good-- no surprise there. His overall personality and experience in Windor made obedience/loyalty deeply imbedded in him. If it's for 'the greater good,' then he gives it his all.

Vernal is, after a long battle, neutral evil; I'm a little stunned. Vernal is self-sacrificing for the small group he has but not towards anyone else. He works towards the common good of their little party through questionable means. He probably deserves 'Asshole Alignment,' but I never really saw him as 'evil.' Still don't. Then again, I see Ambrose as perfectly sane. . . .

With prompting: Laughter is lawful good-- I suppose his self-sacrificing nature is more direct and noticable. That, and he's too 'nice'. XD; One has to wonder how he'd interact in AALC . . . but, he won't let me. >: |

And, I'm sorry, but both Ambrose and Vernal had to select "Probably not, because I'm distrusted by the powers that be." HAD to.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Jami Futter on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:25 pm

Jami: Lawful Good

Okay as i answered these i swore she wasn't getting this XD Guess maybe one more good over came all the bads ^^; Jami does stray often from laws and such but i do see her being good, though all her mistakes she really does feel regret to them. So I'd say a Neutral Good

Henry: Neutral Evil

I think Henry would be more of a Lawful Neutral because he doesn't care much for anything or one unless they are close and he doesn't care much about breaking rules unless they are ridiculous.

Chimney: ________

(could not take this test because she doesn't understand any questions)

Roqi informed me she would be a True Neutral, because it is the animal alignment.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Kale on Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:59 pm

Kale got Chaotic Evil
I am really not surprised here. Kale's out for herself, will stab most anyone to get there, and any kindness she shows is more because being evil in that particular situation would be too much effort and she can't be bothered to go out of her way.

Rein is Lawful Good
This actually surprised me a little. Rein does speak out against injustice and believes things should be fair. However, he does not always keep his word, and sometimes falls victim to temptations. He is constantly torn between wanting to do the "right" thing and being selfish. He acts good because he wants to be good, not because he actually is naturally, if that makes sense? I guess I didn't really know what to expect from him in this test.

Ndale turned out Chaotic Evil
This fits, kinda what I expected. He's a lot more heartless than he lets on. For all his romantics, he cares not for a single one of them. He's very loyal to Od, but to Od only.

I can't really get an answer for Sargon. He doesn't have a will of his own, his alliance is whatever the alliance of his contract holder is. If he didn't have to have a contract holder, he'd make an effort to be as little involved in anything ever as he possibly could.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Leon Barner on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:37 am

Leon got Chaotic Evil. I was really leaning more towards Neutral Evil, especially since the description for it includes both that "a" AND that "s" word X'D Chaotic Evil suits him just as well though. He only cares about himself. He doesn't need anything else. XP

Chayne is Lawful Neutral. I didn't feel like any of them quite suited Chayne. He does abide strongly by the rules, but he's also very easily swayed, especially by authority figures even if its obvious they're corrupt (take his meeting with Pai for example). Mostly he just lacks the ability to say "no", unless it would directly result in someone he cares for being hurt in some way. So yeah, I guess Lawful neutral is about as good as any.

Deneli got Lawful Good. I thought she'd be more Neutral Good. She follows the rules, yeah, but if she really wants to do something she'll just go ahead and do it regardless of whether it breaks the rules or not. However, she'll do exactly what her dad or uncle ask her to do without even questioning whether she likes it or not. They can do no wrong in her eyes (well, maybe Roth can, but definitely not her uncle). And then they're more likely to fall into Lawful Good, so this makes sense too XD
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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Richard Wallace on Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:18 am

I just need to share my thoughts on those results.

Both Chimney and Sargon would probably be True Neutral - that is the "animal alignment", the "default" alignment of beings that either don't grasp morals and ethics or are completely unconcerned with them.

I find it funny how all Good here are Lawful, and most Evil are Chaotic. xD I have gotten all sorts of results before, so it's not like it's impossible; it seems that AALC just attracts those sorts of people.

In this test, prioritizing self-interest seems to equal evil, so I strongly believe that some of those Chaotic Evulz should be taken with a grain of salt. Like Ambrose and Ndale, for instance - them being Evil just doesn't sit right with me, they both smell more of CN. Ambrose's agonizing over the Prince and Ndale's caring about Shae both go against the Evil alignment enough to doubt it. Sure, they're both sorta assholes, but being Evil kind of implies a complete lack of guilt towards the suffering it is causing as long as the self benefits.

And, about Rein and Deneli not always following rules; alignments are more about the ideals that the characters have, rather than whether they always follow them. A Lawful character can give in to temptation, or they can follow some laws and eschew others, but in general, they believe that having some set of principles is a positive thing. A Good character can be mean and malicious sometimes, but in general they strive to be a good person.

Just my two cents. :'D

And since y'all wrote those beautiful little paragraphs elaborating, so will I.

Audi is LG because she believes that the universe is structured, where every being and every thing has its rightful place. She accepts that the laws made by men and... mice can be imperfect, and in those cases they can be disregarded, but her own principles are set in steel. She is keen to find her destined place in the world, the peg onto which her cog will smoothly fit. And she's Good, because she's kind and helpful and doesn't generally like hurting people; but as we can see with her continued bullying of Lunie, Lawfulness can win over Goodness. He's a cat. He should suffer.

Richard is TN because he's indifferent towards such folly ideals as Good or Evil or Chaos or Order. He will follow laws if they suit him, and dump them the moment they stop. He will try to be good because that's the right thing to do, but if he feels cold-blooded torture is the right thing instead... well... sorry, Rein. His goals are vague and ever-changing, and he doesn't really have a personal code of conduct of any sort, but deep down, he truly admires those who are firmer in their resolution. Even if they really are kind of stupid sometimes. Why cling to things as superficial as beliefs?

Esteban is CE because he will actively oppose any sort of Order. The world is a fleeting, unstable place, and people who think they can control it - or him - are fools. He doesn't follow any personal principles, either - he can change his mind just because. Whatever is the most fun... and it just so happens that others' suffering is often the most fun, pushing him from the realm of "selfish evil" into "actively malicious evil". Although he isn't entirely incapable of being nice or taking others into consideration, it is always rooted in self-interest. He will help Owen because he needs him, but won't hesitate to mock him when that seems more amusing.
Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Hryshen on Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:20 pm

I don't even need to take the test after reading all your replies. My characters are easily figured out.

Hryshen would be lawful good. Being a teacher by nature, she thinks for the best of the people she teacjes and to keep relatively good relationships with her co-workers. She would go out of her way to keep her end of a bargain, though if a bargain is unnecessary she just won't make it.

Xanyu would be lawful good even despite the fact that obedience was beaten into her. Her fear of disappointing people is enoug for her to keep that obedience. She also prefers to keep the people around her happy, despite her abilities, she thinks she's weak and so wants to stay on people's good sides. She does believe in doing things for the right of all and if something seems completely unfair, she will stands up for it.

I actually took the test for Kufer and he got lawful good, though I would say he's only like when it's for the better of his race, if it's not going to help his race he won't do it unless he feels like it wouldn't be in the way, but then he'd only do it if he wants to. Because of this, I feel he may be more in the neutrals if anything.

Abenzu would probably be in that animal allignment but because I feel like it, I would think Benny is lawful good. It wants to be friends with everyone, but doesn't want to change itself to muc for their sake because it learned that in order to love others you must love yourself. Despite all appearances with Ambrose, Abenzu actually cares for the spider boy. He wanted to keep away from Ambrose as much as possible so the boy wouldn't steal the gnommish coins Abenzu's father gave it. Had Ambrose gotten his way, Abenzu's father would not be so considerate and work towards ending the redhead's life (you don't steal from Vinyz's child) Benny knew this and that's why Ambrose will never get Abenzu's coins.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Lunasola on Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:19 am

Rendaz's is Chaotic Evil... I kind of predicted it to be that way, but I see him borderlining with Chaotic Neutral really. But with that given, it still sort of fits, given that he'd boot a mild acquaintance off a cliff if it meant a healthy paycheck. But he also isn't really concerned with being outright malicious or anything, he's only out for himself and his own wellbeing, and he'd do good deeds too if it resulted in his own benefit. So CN is a likely bet.

Lunie turned out Lawful Good, no matter how many times I retook the test, much to my frustration. I still personally believe that he is Neutral Good. Mostly because he follows rules, not because they are rules, but because they are beliefs (aka, "I shouldn't do that because I think it's bad" rather than "I shouldn't do that because it is not right"). If someone managed to make him believe that kicking people in the shins was a good thing, he would favour that option regardless of what the rules said. It is what his moral code is shaped by.

Owen is getting Neutral Evil... Which is kinda sorta nowhere near where I see him. I think he's more Chaotic Neutral, given that he often just doesn't care about rules at all. He'd do some really rotten & greedy stuff if he thought he could get away with it, but he also has enough of a conscience to feel bad about it, so he's not completely evil.

Solasta is also Chaotic Evil, but I feel like it should be Chaotic Neutral too. Or... I don't know. Is she evil, or is she just doing what tradition has taught her...? How far is too far? Honestly on the fence about her, but I'm also leaning towards CE, if for the simple fact that she's just not interested in doing much good at all.

Tony is Lawful Good... Possibly the only outcome that I've actually sort of agreed with. Yes, he's rule-abiding. Yes, he's good... for the most part. One could say that he's really just here to indulge himself in the newfound knowledge, but he genuinely does not want to hurt others with his impending insanity.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Risiko Bann on Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:02 am

Risiko - Lawful good
This was a bit surprising, though I guess it fits. Risiko always seems to me the 'Let's not make waves and just get along, is that cool with everybody?' kind of person. Probably a big fan of the rules, then, as a way of ensuring everyone knows what's fair.

Natan - Lawful good
Definitely. Natan knows the rules are a fact, and so are the punishments, so everyone on your best behavior.

Sicher - Neutral
While taking it, I couldn't really see how Sicher's would end up. Neutral I guess is fitting, but I would have thought it would be evil. Not really a jerk just to be a jerk, but his own amusement comes first. I suppose though that he'll look out for anyone or anything that may have his best interest.
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Re: Your OC's Alignment

Post  Hunter on Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:00 am

Shae is Chaotic Evil- I had a conversation about it with some friends the other day actually because I started a DnD session with them and I decided to make my character into Shae. Talking about what alignment he would be- we eventually settled on chaotic evil because even though he's neutral to what happens around him he enjoys killing a little too much to not be evil.

Corey is Lawful Neutral- too terrified to break any rules and generally a 'good' person but he doesn't actually care about being good and is more out for himself so he's neutral.

Hunter is Lawful Good- She wants to be good and she wants to be normal and that means following the rules.

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Re: Your OC's Alignment

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