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What's their worst fear?

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What's their worst fear?

Post  Kevin Cocytus on Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:46 pm

Halloween is approaching!  Time for the ghoulies and so on to come on out.  What would your OC(s) not want to see?  What would terrify them into hiding in their room for a few days, hunched in a protective ball with layers of covers over their head(s)?  Everyone has something~

I'll start, just 'cause:

Ambrose is annoyed at spiders but is terrified of any doctor's room or the like.  If he found himself secured onto a flat table or the like, he would scream.  Vernal is scared of any harm coming to those few he trusts/ loves.  His other fears are more on a psychological basis, such as people finding out he's now mortal/ what time period he comes from.  Very specific.  He becomes on-edge, though, if he cannot see the sky.

Denskith freezes at "white coats" (ie. doctors and the like).  Kevin, too-- both because of Windor and the experiments. I think I see a pattern in my OCs' fears--  More individually, Denskith is also afraid of things making no noise and silence as a whole.  Kevin is afraid of people he doesn't know/ can't read since he's become so dependent on his ability.

Kevin Cocytus

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Re: What's their worst fear?

Post  Sheloe on Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:14 pm

This... will be hard to write, as... my babies are kind of holding my brain at gunpoint not to say too much. But I can't not say anything, so- screw them.

For Richard, fire is an obvious choice, but he has it mostly under control. Sudden flashes or bigger, unpredictable flames can startle him, but things like fireplaces or candles or what-have-you don't faze him. The threat of silver is obviously another big one - he'd do most anything to avoid being touched with it, and it's probably the easiest way to make him freak out. Otherwise, he is not really easily scared of bodily harm, and those more psychological fears... well, he has them buried deep enough as to not be easily triggered. Being exposed, stripped of his freedom, losing what he has, being completely alone, or made to face what he'd done... He'd had a while to gather things to be uncomfortable with.

Audi doesn't take well to the possibility of being crushed, it bringing back bad memories. Aside from that, things that trigger primal fears that rats have. Shadows of winged predators crawling across the ground. Open skies. Things with claws and fangs. That aside, she's clinging to her work in a desperate attempt to find meaning in a life stripped of a master, a clan, of a wiser being's guidance. Without the feeling that she's fulfilling her duty, doing what needs to be done, she is just a little, furry, scared, lost animal again.

Esteban's... done with this bullshit. He doesn't have anything to be scared of anymore. I guess the only thing left that scares him is the possibility he's truly immortal, but honestly, at this point it's only going to make him more furious and reckless in his dreams of destroying this hostile, lonesome, empty, cruel and fake world.

Sheloe maintains a healthy amount of wariness about most everything -- it's rather necessary, when you're as defenseless as a silly monkey. Cages and chains are certainly a thing that can make her flinch. She copes rather well with being scared, however, as her faith in divine providence is a well of strength to face the world. The deepest fear, I think, would be a fear of rejection. You'd think she'd be used to it by now, but she has a coiling tangle of insecurities and doubts and anxieties hidden rather shallowly underneath the surface, and it's all too easy to touch upon them.

*is shot*

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Re: What's their worst fear?

Post  Sner on Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:10 pm

Is this thread here for the purpose of letting me think up awful schemes? Yes it is.

Rendaz - Rendaz has a constant paranoia that people are going to backstab him at any given moment. Aside from that, there is not much that Rendaz immediately fears.  He has an intense dislike of the cold, and probably does have some sort of inhibition against the things that can cause it. Also, if there was anything capable of reading his mind... he would not like that.  At all.

Lunasola - Lots of things! Thanks to his sensitive hearing, many things with a jarring, loud noise will give him a fright. The noise of gunshots in particular is very triggering (no pun intended).  Amongst other natural fears (fire, heights, anything that looks capable of tearing him to shreds), he also has a deeply rooted anxiety of disapproval. Especially when it comes from those he looks up to - he is especially passionate about trying to please them. And also, Audi. /shudders

Tony - He can be skittish and nervous about a wide variety of subjects, but he's particularly squeamish about violence and the deceased, and the biological processes that they go through.  In fact, his fear of animal biology extends to just about anything that has a digestive and reproductive system - in his modest words, the two are "completely abhorrent." On a psychological level, he yearns for knowledge - running out of things to learn is something that he fears to an almost manic degree.

Sner - On a surface level, Sner is not very fond of reptiles, scorpions and other creepy crawlies, but more to the tune of slight anxiety than an outward, open fear. He also detests the feeling of having his arms bound or their movement restricted in some way. He would very easily lose his nerve if he was handcuffed. Sprouting from this, he also fears being trapped. Making enemies or losing allies is also something that makes him anxious - especially in scenarios where he has high respect for the other.

And even though he's dead, he still deserves a spot here.

Owen - Humiliation, especially in front of those that he is eager to impress.  He also has the tendency to cringe away from responsibility and pressure... and literally almost any situation that he deems undesirable.  And frogs.  He hates frogs.  The irredeemable bastards.

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Re: What's their worst fear?

Post  Crowley on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:23 pm

*makes lame spooky noises* let's do this. I'm not going trick or treating but I'm going lazertagging/lazer arena-ing in Halloween costume o/ It'll be a blast.

Crowely- He pretends he's not scared of anything but he's is scared of things. Being hunted down is one of them, not by anything in particular either. Humans, manticores, whatever- they all make him uneasy when they've got thier hands on a means to kill and stuff him. Science makes him uneasy, especially biology. He doesn't like touching people/people touching him and has a slight claustrophobia thing going for him.

Esha- Esha on a surface level is scared of things like fire, when things get too silent and diseases that spread easily. She's also scared of things that make deals and things like gods, or things that have the power to change things like the fabric of realities/make deals/alter people's physical state/moods. while she remains pseudo-religous she's scared that gods may be real. That, then gunfire, dogs and British military uniform.

Morag- Her fears are more apprehensions to everything and the feeling things are going to go wrong and people won't like her for it. Or she's going to be blamed for something she did not do- basically she's got a deep seated fear people won't like her no matter what she does. While she knows what human technology does she remains wary, because she was told to. Her wider fears are that her realm is in chaos and she can't fix it or she loses control of things(emotions, life, ect). The control issue is a general one because she feels responsible. She does not like not knowing things that effect her.


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Re: What's their worst fear?

Post  Risiko Bann on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:38 pm

Risiko is nervous about a number of things, most of which are people. Being shown affection puts him on edge and gets his paranoia going. Being touched is bad. Wide open dark places are not fun for him either. The middle of the bottom of the ocean would be a bad place for him. Inside dark places are fine though. Walls are cool. It's mostly not knowing what's there that bothers him.

Natan doesn't like heights where they're really visible, say, on a mountain, or ferris wheel.
Sicher hates being trapped and ignored. Tell no-one you saw this!
Risiko Bann
Risiko Bann

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Re: What's their worst fear?

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