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quotes to live by

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quotes to live by

Post  YuukiHyouketsu on Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:47 pm

hey, I don't know if anyone else has any quotes like this that they would like to stick em on up here, but i ran into a little quote that i thought i should share. i think it's something we should all live by as creators of our OCs ^^

"The key to characters is to be honest. Allow the bastards to be lovely allow the heroes to be weak. then they'll come alive."-- Russell T. Davies, aka, the man who brought Dr. Who back to life with a vengeance ^^

if you don't have a quote related to writing or character creation or anything like that...meh, just post an inspirational quote or something. or a funny quote. we can go all off topic here! XD

just post the quote that you feel is a good one to live by
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