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Trying to fly [open]

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Trying to fly [open]

Post  Cynric on Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:41 am

Cynric wandered along the dusty trail toward the final destination of his lengthy pilgrimage, Lillegard Castle. The only sounds that could be heard were the faint songs of the birds above and the occasional crunch of a pebble being turned to dust beneath his sculpted claws.

He gazed up in wonder at the feathered creatures gliding lazily through the afternoon sky, contemplating just how they manage to stay up there. In the twelve months since he was made animate, Cynric had not stopped to inquire about birds, and only after being alone with them for so long had he grown more curious.

Suddenly, struck with an inspired idea, he stopped in his place and attempted to peer closer at the feathered beasts. Then, with a look more akin to naivety than realisation, craned his head back to examine the stone instruments protruding from his back.

"These.. they can't be. Could I...? How could I not have noticed before!?", Cynric exclaimed, his voice increasing from a mere whisper to a cry of elation. Eagerly, the young gargoyle spread his marble wings and took a moment to marvel at their two metre span before lowering himself into a crouch and then lunging upward, using his wings in a somewhat clumsy imitation of the avian animals he had been observing.

"Why aren't I going up?", Cynric said to no one in particular, all optimism drained from his tone.

Age : 6
Height : 148 cm
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