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Jewels of Sea

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Jewels of Sea

Post  Ndale on Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:22 am

The Winter Ball had just ended. Literally. People were filing out, the decorations still up, mistletoe about. But, no one seemed to be paying too much attention to the plants as they left, only a kiss or two here and there. Ndale watched the proceedings from the center of the balcony between the staircases, thinking over the night. It had been...interesting, for certain. He looked at the tree and sighed for the end of the night. He blinked and something dawned upon him. The presents...he had never found his secret santa. How could he have forgot when the present weight in his pocket? He huffed at himself, and rolled his eyes. Okay, how to find her now?

He turned to glance over the balcony, then leaned over the railing and looked around the main portion of the ballroom. Hrmm... Okay, well...get her attention. With a grin, the boy stood straight and called out to the remainder of the room.

"HEY ASHEL!" Well, he hoped that worked and that she wasn't either on the exact opposite side of the room, or already gone. If he got no response, well, then, he'd have to hunt her down later.

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Re: Jewels of Sea

Post  Lacrima Ash'l on Tue May 07, 2013 5:15 am

Ashel wandered around the emptying ballroom feeling slightly disappointed that her Secret Santa hadn't given her a gift. Maybe they couldn't make it, she consoled herself. Maybe Santa Richard would find her later and say there had been a mistake and that her name was on his list after all.

Jut as she stood right beneath the balcony she heard her name called. Well, more like shouted to the entire room. That voice sounded familiar but she couldn't seem to place it. She quickly glanced up but didn't see anyone leaning over the railing.

Ashel grinned to herself. Tonight could still be fun. Taking a deep breath, she willed her voice to the loudest she could make it go. "HEY YOURSELF!"

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